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Stephanie led a guided meditation at a retreat that I attended. That meditation turned out to be an incredibly powerful experience for me and for everyone else involved. I’ve been lucky enough to attend several of her yoga classes since then, and each one turned out to be an experience just as unique and affecting as my first introduction to her teaching style.

I was looking for a calm, meditative experience with deep stretching. It can be very difficult to find that type of class at most studios, and even more difficult to find the right instructor to help you find that particular “space”. Stephanie’s classes have been a nearly perfect representation of what I had been searching for. I feel very fortunate to have been a beneficiary of her special gift.

She appears to be very intuitive, and seems to care deeply about finding the right activities, mood and flow to meet the expectations and needs that each student may have. I suspect that there are many others out there who have had similarly powerful experiences as the result of her efforts. I’m glad to see her light shining forth and affecting others in the same way that it affected me.

This is honest, accurate, and from the heart. Please post as a testimonial! 

- Matthew

Stephanie creates a space and she literally fills that space with light, creating a feeling that a divine essence is present. As a beginning yoga student, she has given me a new relationship to my own bodyand a conscious understanding of how I carry myself. The awareness she has given me remains present in my daily life beyond her class and encourages me to develop my practice beyond limits I didn’t even know I had placed upon myself. With Stephanie I feel safe, youthful, provided for, and more loving towards myself. At times when I have been self- critical and frustrated in yoga classes she has helped me to laugh with myself and to be patient with my own process, which ultimately encourages me to further embrace the practice of yoga. Her spirit and her wisdom of yoga, the human body, energy, and the human spirit are truly a gift to humanity.


Stephanie provided one of the most life-altering experiences for me when she invited to her “Healingthe Inner Child” guided meditation. I truly had no idea at the time how powerful & authentically healing this process could be. Whether you’ve had a blissful childhood or a traumatic one, I encourage you to let Stephanie take you on this journey through your history and as a result you really can create a whole new future for your life. She will be there by your side to hold your hand, cover you with a blanket, lead you back to yourself, and to analyze the deeper meanings of the imagery you experience through this meditation. There is no one I would feel more safe and vulnerable with to guide me back through time to decipher what it is my inner child needs from me and what I need from my inner child. The knowing allows for a deeper understanding and peace to project through the years ahead.


- Mary Beth Hamilton

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